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Flat 9 St. Placids Apartments

Flat 9 St. Placids Apartments, 1-2 Victoria Parade, Thanet, England, CT11 8DE

1.67 average rating

1.00 landlord rating

3.00 letting agent rating

1.00 property rating

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Google Streetview image of Flat 9 St. Placids Apartments

Reviews (1)

  • 1 landlord rating

    3 letting agent rating

    1 property rating

    Best part of the tenancy

    Cheap rent, left alone pretty much

    Worst part of the tenancy

    There was rising damp and she had the audacity to say that it was because I didn't open the windows to let condensation out, also the plug sockets were falling out if the walls. The intercom also didn't work.