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4 Whippingham Street

4 Whippingham Street, Brighton and Hove, England, BN2 3LL

2.33 average rating

2.00 landlord rating

2.00 letting agent rating

3.00 property rating

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Reviews (1)

  • 2 landlord rating

    2 letting agent rating

    3 property rating

    Best part of the tenancy

    There was a dog at the letting agents office.

    Worst part of the tenancy

    The inventory process was insanely long because the landlord has just kept an assortment of random crap in the house, I was told by the agents to hold onto two individual plastic stars I found stuck under my shelving because they were on the inventory, we were also instructed to buy our own hoover and microwave and then try to sell them to the next tenants when we moved as these weren't provided. The paint on most walls comes off as white dust when touched, and behind some radiators we found lost socks and towels that had literally been painted into the wall.