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36 Derwentwater Grove

36 Derwentwater Grove, Leeds, England, LS6 3EN

2.00 average rating

2.00 landlord rating

2.00 letting agent rating

2.00 property rating

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Reviews (1)

  • 2 landlord rating

    2 letting agent rating

    2 property rating

    Best part of the tenancy

    The property is small and easy to heat, and in fairly good condition for the price. The smallest bedroom is quite small but we put the wardrobe for that room in the living room and then there was generous space for bed, desk and chair in bedroom.

    Worst part of the tenancy

    There are squirrels in the attic of this flat - they are extremely noisy and disturb your sleep at night as they run up and down the ceiling in the bedrooms. They also chew wires. In addition, some squirrels or rats ate some food in one of the cupboards. Sugarhouse and Samara were in constant discussions over whose responsibility it was to fix the problem meaning that the problem never got fixed. After Leeds City Council got involved some work was done but it has not been successful. The intercom also doesn't work.

    Additional notes

    Sugarhouse let and manage the flat on behalf of landlord, Samara manage the block of flats on behalf of another landlord