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Flat 52 Admiralty Building

Flat 52 Admiralty Building, 17 Henry Macaulay Avenue, Kingston upon Thames, England, KT2 5FF

4.33 average rating

5.00 landlord rating

3.00 letting agent rating

5.00 property rating

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Reviews (1)

  • 5 landlord rating

    3 letting agent rating

    5 property rating

    Best part of the tenancy

    Landlords are really nice and kind. Whenever there is any problem, they are willing to come and sort it out asap or they would sent someone like an engineer. Flat is chill in the summer and warm in the winter. Located at a safe and quiet area. Close to Kingston town centre (3 minutes walk from Bentalls shopping mall). Neighbours and concierge staffs are all very kind. As it is right next to Kingston riverside, it is good for running or jogging.

    Worst part of the tenancy

    Silverfish in the entire building