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49a Vallance Road

49a Vallance Road, Tower Hamlets, England, E1 5AB

1.00 average rating

1.00 landlord rating

1.00 letting agent rating

1.00 property rating

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Reviews (1)

  • 1 landlord rating

    1 letting agent rating

    1 property rating

    Best part of the tenancy

    Only good part of this tenancy was getting our full deposit back, indicating landlord understood his threats were incorrect.

    Worst part of the tenancy

    Landlord was incredibly negligent in the way they managed and maintained the property. We had consistent leaks from the roof and bathroom they refused to repair until they began leaking into electrics. They then threatened to take money out of our deposit because of this damage. We also regularly found them outside the property in the front yard. Would regularly lie about aspects of the property and then attempt to cover that up. Was incredibly intimidating at points and caused us a lot of undue stress/discomfort whilst living there. Damp/mould was a constant problem. Heating didn't work properly. Over winter we were asked to keep windows open to help with the mould. This combined with the heating caused several health problems. Tree collapsed in the backyard and landlord tried to say 'it grew that way' as a way of avoiding doing anything about it. In summary, incredibly inept landlord, extremely poor quality property. To add insult to injury, landlord asked if they could raise the rent.

    Additional notes

    Property was £2800 pcm.